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Current court case asks how reliable BAC tests are

When police pulled you over on suspicion of drunk driving, they likely put you through a series of tests to justify placing you under arrest. Maybe it was dark, and the road was uneven or poorly lit as you went through the field sobriety tests. You may have performed the tests adequately for conditions, but the officer arrested you nonetheless, and you found yourself at the police station having your blood drawn to test its alcohol concentration.

So many types of visas: How to know which one you need

If you chose Florida as the place you wish to live as an immigrant arriving from another country of origin, you are not alone. In fact, this state is a desired location even for many people who are born and raised in the United States. Its beauty, oceanic views, summer-like weather year round and many other features are positive attributes that attract hundreds of thousands of tourists and full-time residents alike.

How does an ignition interlock work?

The consequences of driving under the influence can vary in different locations and depending on the circumstances under which authorities levied the allegations. From license suspension to jail time, the effects of a DUI could considerably impact your life. Of course, a conviction for charges must come about before you face sentencing for those charges, and while you may understand possible consequences, you may wish to learn more about particular ones.

Is fear of deportation adversely affecting your health?

If you're one of approximately 11 million undocumented immigrants living in Florida and throughout the nation, you likely understand the immense anxiety that can arise in situations that would be considered normal to native and naturalized citizens. For instance, sending a child to school often poses all sorts of stressful possibilities for non-citizens, including the fact that a son or daughter could come home to an empty house. Some immigrant parents have created set plans (like fire drills) for their children to get help in such situations.

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