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U.S. puts visa sanctions on four countries

Individuals who are seeking a U.S. visa can sometimes encounter barriers to getting the visa they desire. In some instances, they might encounter visa restrictions based on what country they are from. Sometimes, the U.S. will opt to put visa sanctions on a given country. The U.S. recently took such action when it comes to four countries.

DACA coming to an end

Among the changes that sometimes occur in U.S. immigration law and policy is the ending of an immigration program. When a program is being brought to an end, there are many concerns individuals who received immigration benefits under the program may have. They may be worried about what the change will mean for their future. They also may have many questions regarding what they can do to try to further their immigration goals in the wake of the program ending. Such individuals may find bringing their concerns and questions to a skilled immigration attorney helpful.

Children of immigrant families and deportation fears

Deportation-related fears can run strong among many members of an immigrant family. This includes the children of such families, even if the children themselves are U.S. citizens. Undocumented kids and other non-citizen children might worry that they and their family could be deported. Children who are U.S. citizens but who have undocumented parents or other undocumented relatives may worry that a family member might get deported.

Florida sees a lot of international property transactions

The real estate market here in Florida draws the attention of many different people. This includes individuals from other countries. These days, Florida sees a good portion of America’s international property transactions. This can be seen in recent data from the National Association of Realtors.

What family members would be exempt from the travel ban?

The revised travel ban is expected to go into force later today. This comes after a U.S. Supreme Court decision this Monday which allowed certain portions of the ban to proceed. Later this year, the court will be hearing oral arguments on the ban.

Worries regarding traveling abroad up among some green card holders

Summer can be a major time of travel for individuals. Some people end up traveling to other countries over summer trips. As a note, some special issues can arise in relation to travel abroad for foreign nationals who live here in the U.S. on a green card.

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