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Should college students be required to take opioid education classes?

States throughout the country have been trying to figure out how to best respond to the opioid crisis. They have varied in their approach. One state has included efforts to make opioid-related classes part of college students’ education in its overall approach to the crisis.

Facing accusations of a repeat offense of battery

Being accused of a repeat offense of a violent crime can raise some special issues as compared to facing accusations of a first offense. One crime for which this is the case here in Florida is battery. The stakes can be raised significantly for those accused of battery when they have a previous battery conviction on their record. This can be a very important thing to take into account when responding to charges of a repeat offense of this crime. Skilled defense attorneys can provide individuals accused of a repeat offense of battery with defense guidance which takes into account the special stakes and issues connected to facing such accusations.

Blowing over 0.08 doesn’t mean you can’t fight a DUI charge

Being accused of DUI can be incredibly intimidating. All sorts of fears regarding their future can come up for a person when facing such allegations. When faced with such a daunting situation, among the worries a person might have is that they might be a lock for being convicted.

What is the maximum sentence for burglary in Florida?

Burglary accusations are not a uniform thing. Rather, each particular case has its own specific details regarding what exactly the suspect is accused of and what circumstances are claimed to have surrounded the alleged crime. These details can be incredibly impactful for individuals accused of burglary here in Florida. For one, they could affect what kind of prison sentence the suspect could be facing if they are convicted of the crime they are accused of.

Penalties for some opioid crimes getting upped in Florida

Being accused of opioid crimes can expose a person to major potential penalties. And just how serious of penalties a person could face in relation to certain opioid crimes is increasing here in Florida. This is because of a new law that was recently passed in the state.

Common criminal defenses used in Florida

Being charged with a crime does not have to mean you will be spending the rest of your life, or most of it, behind bars in Florida. In fact, many defendants are able to have charges dropped or reduced if they use some of the most common criminal defenses when in front of a judge. We will discuss those common defenses in today's post.

New law offers hope to those whose mug shots are published online

There is no question that the majority of internet users are more than familiar with certain types of banner ads, meaning those digital advertisements lining the sides and bottoms of the webpages they happen to be reading. While many of these banner ads are for legitimate products and services, many others are for content that could best be described as salacious.

Race and juvenile transfers into the adult court system

One thing that has very big impacts on a juvenile accused of a crime is whether their case remains in the juvenile system or gets transferred into the adult system. Being convicted of a crime in the adult court system could expose a kid to all kinds of severe consequences. These consequences could impact many things for a juvenile in the long-run, including possibly their likelihood of landing in the criminal justice system again in the future. Statistics point to recidivism rates being higher among juvenile offenders who end up in the adult system than is the case for those who stay in the juvenile system.

Might traffic stops go virtual?

Typically, after stopping a car, a police officer will get out of their vehicle, go over to the car and talk with the occupants about the reason for the stop. Might this fundamental aspect of traffic stops soon be changing? An app recently developed by students at the University of Florida raises this possibility.

Charges sometimes come out of stressful situations

There are many stressful situations people can end up in. Tempers can be running very high in such situations. Sometimes, these tempers boil over and chaotic events occur. This could include events involving violence, fighting or clashes within crowds. Sometimes, individuals end up facing criminal proceedings in connection to such an event.

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