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Should college students be required to take opioid education classes?

States throughout the country have been trying to figure out how to best respond to the opioid crisis. They have varied in their approach. One state has included efforts to make opioid-related classes part of college students’ education in its overall approach to the crisis.

The state in question is Maryland. It passed a law which makes it so, at all colleges in that state that receive state money, full-time students have to receive education on the dangers of opioids.

The law also puts some opioid awareness education requirements in place for high school students and elementary school students in Maryland.

Do you think requiring college students to take opioid education classes is a good tactic for fighting opioid abuse? What impacts do you think this tactic will prove to have?

One wonders how many states will ultimately end up using this approach or ones similar to it.

The impacts the policies states have related to opioids could have on college students are not limited to impacts on what sorts of classes they have to take. The enforcement policies in a state related to opioid crimes could have major ramifications for college students accused of committing such crimes. What impacts do you think the opioid-related polices pursued here in Florida will end up having on college students and other individuals in the state?

Being accused of opioid crimes or other drug crimes could have major implications for a college student. Their education future and many other aspects of their future can be heavily impacted by what happens during their case. So, when a college student is facing such accusations here in Florida, it can be important to promptly discuss their options regarding their defense with a skilled defense lawyer.

Source: PBS, “Opioid education is now a college requirement in this state,” Nick Roll, Sept. 12, 2017

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