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September 2017 Archives

U.S. puts visa sanctions on four countries

Individuals who are seeking a U.S. visa can sometimes encounter barriers to getting the visa they desire. In some instances, they might encounter visa restrictions based on what country they are from. Sometimes, the U.S. will opt to put visa sanctions on a given country. The U.S. recently took such action when it comes to four countries.

Current court case asks how reliable BAC tests are

When police pulled you over on suspicion of drunk driving, they likely put you through a series of tests to justify placing you under arrest. Maybe it was dark, and the road was uneven or poorly lit as you went through the field sobriety tests. You may have performed the tests adequately for conditions, but the officer arrested you nonetheless, and you found yourself at the police station having your blood drawn to test its alcohol concentration.

Should college students be required to take opioid education classes?

States throughout the country have been trying to figure out how to best respond to the opioid crisis. They have varied in their approach. One state has included efforts to make opioid-related classes part of college students’ education in its overall approach to the crisis.

DACA coming to an end

Among the changes that sometimes occur in U.S. immigration law and policy is the ending of an immigration program. When a program is being brought to an end, there are many concerns individuals who received immigration benefits under the program may have. They may be worried about what the change will mean for their future. They also may have many questions regarding what they can do to try to further their immigration goals in the wake of the program ending. Such individuals may find bringing their concerns and questions to a skilled immigration attorney helpful.

Facing accusations of a repeat offense of battery

Being accused of a repeat offense of a violent crime can raise some special issues as compared to facing accusations of a first offense. One crime for which this is the case here in Florida is battery. The stakes can be raised significantly for those accused of battery when they have a previous battery conviction on their record. This can be a very important thing to take into account when responding to charges of a repeat offense of this crime. Skilled defense attorneys can provide individuals accused of a repeat offense of battery with defense guidance which takes into account the special stakes and issues connected to facing such accusations.

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