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The benefits of being a green card holder

There are many different reasons why a person might want to pursue a U.S. green card. One thing behind this is that there are a wide range of benefits of becoming a permanent resident of the United States. These benefits cover a number of areas.

For one, getting a green card can greatly open up the options a person from another country has in America. Being granted legal permanent resident status gives a person authorization to live, work and freely travel in the United States.

Having a green card can also have benefits for a person when it comes to the financial options they have access to in the United States. Having permanent resident status can allow a person to be eligible for certain types of financing, grants, insurance coverage and benefits programs.

Also, having a green card can open the door to future immigration options. For one, having a green card can provide a path to pursuing becoming a full U.S. citizen. Also, it can open up some immigration options related to one’s family. Green card holders have routes available for sponsoring certain close family members for U.S. permanent residency.

So, the goals individuals from foreign countries may have related to wanting to become a U.S. permanent resident can vary greatly. Whatever their particular goals, there are many things it can be important for a person to understand when they are looking into pursuing a green card. One is whether gaining permanent resident status would be a good fit for their particular goals. Another is whether they would have green card eligibility. Another is what the process of pursuing a green card would involve given their particular situation. Immigration attorneys can provide guidance to prospective green card seekers on such topics.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “7 facts about the coveted green card,” Ann M. Simmons, Aug. 2, 2017

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