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Worries regarding traveling abroad up among some green card holders

Summer can be a major time of travel for individuals. Some people end up traveling to other countries over summer trips. As a note, some special issues can arise in relation to travel abroad for foreign nationals who live here in the U.S. on a green card.

Permanent residents of the U.S. are allowed to travel outside the country. One thing that can be important for such individuals when it comes to such travel is making sure they have the right documentation. For example, they will generally need their green card for their return to the U.S. after their trip.

Also, there are some special rules and considerations for permanent residents when it comes to longer trips outside the United States. So, when a green card holder is planning a long trip abroad, certain added preparations may be necessary.

Beyond concerns regarding complying with current immigration laws and rules, there have been some added worries among some U.S. green card holders these days regarding international travel. Specifically, some such individuals are worried that the current political climate around immigration could increase the possibility of complications arising if they travel internationally, such as complications with their return to the United States. Among these worries are concerns that U.S. immigration policies could shift in the middle of them being abroad.

These worries are leading some U.S. green card holders to stay away from traveling abroad for the time being. According to some immigrant-focused travel agencies, there has been a decrease in travel lately. Reportedly, some green card holders are waiting for things such as getting a better handle on the current immigration situation in the U.S. or a citizenship application going through before traveling abroad.

One wonders how long such worries will continue to remain prominent.

When a green card holder has worries in connection to a possible future trip abroad, getting clear and accurate explanations of their situation and options could be very helpful. Depending on the situation, there may be certain preparations they could make to reduce the chances of immigration-related complications arising during their trip. Immigration attorneys can provide U.S. green card holders with travel-related legal guidance.

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