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TPS protections for Haitians extended, for now

There are many types of uncertainty a person from a foreign country could face here in the United States. This includes uncertainty over how long an immigration protection they currently enjoy will remain in force.

This is an uncertainty that individuals from Haiti who are receiving immigration benefits under the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program may currently be experiencing.

What is the TPS program? It is a program under which qualifying individuals from certain countries who are already in the U.S. can be granted a special status the gives them certain immigration protections. This includes permission to request work authorization and protection from removal.

At present, there are 10 countries whose nationals can receive protection under the program. Haiti is among these countries. Currently, nearly, 60,000 Haitians receive protection under the program.

Now this isn’t a fixed list. Countries can be added to and taken off it. The countries on the list each have an expiration date when it comes to their presence on the list. If this date is reached and the country’s presence on the list isn’t renewed or extended, its nationals would generally lose the ability to receive protection under the program.

The expiration date for Haiti had been July 22 of this year. Recently, the Department of Homeland Security opted to extend TPS protection for individuals from Haiti. It is a six-month extension. The agency, however, indicated that this could be the end of the extension of this protection, and that Haitians who are currently TPS recipients should start preparing for the future expiration of such protection.

The reception to this extension has been mixed, with some arguing that it is too short and that a longer extension would be appropriate. One wonders what will happen moving forward when it comes to TPS protections for individuals from Haiti.

When a person is facing the possibility of immigration protections they have soon dropping away, it can be key for them to know their options. This includes if there would be other routes for them to accomplish their immigration goals. Being aware of such options can help a person with preparing for the future in the face of uncertain circumstances. Questions on what options would be available can be taken to skilled immigration lawyers.

Source: Miami Herald, “Haitians get 6 months of protection from deportation — but told prepare to leave U.S.,” Jacqueline Charles, May 22, 2017

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