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February 2017 Archives

How do changes in Cuban immigration policies affect you?

Since the 1990s, Cubans escaping the communist rule of their government have found asylum in the United States. Unlike those of other countries, Cubans received special treatment through the policies of the past few presidential administrations. You may have been one who benefited from those policies.

Bill would make taping interrogations mandatory in felony cases

The conduct police engage in during interrogations can be incredibly impactful. Among the things it could affect is how likely a suspect is to confess to something they didn’t actually do. So, what police did during an interrogation can be a major issue in criminal cases in which a confession was given. Given this, evidence regarding the details of interrogations can end up being quite important. Defense lawyers can help defendants here in Florida with looking into issues related to interrogations, including issues regarding confessions, in their case.

What is the difference between F and M student visas?

Many important issues can come up for a person in connection to their education. For individuals from a foreign country who desire to come to the U.S. to study or train, there are generally key immigration issues to address on top of the usual school-related concerns. Typically, these issues involve student visas.

Cocaine sale charges in Florida

There are all kinds of things police investigations into alleged cocaine activity here in Florida can involve and lead to. Sometimes, they lead to a person facing charges of selling this drug. Sale of cocaine is a particularly serious cocaine charge.

How does a Florida DUI affect your life?

Like most people, after you make a mistake, you simply want it to go away. Even if you vow never to repeat the mistake, it may still haunt you. For instance, a DUI arrest, let alone a conviction, affects your life in ways you might not anticipate. Florida takes drunk driving seriously, and the consequences affect nearly everything you do, especially in the short-term, and often in the long-term.

Pursuing a green card for a step-parent or adoptive parent

There are many different family situations a person could come from. For example, some people have an adoptive parent or a step-parent. When a U.S. citizen has such a parent who is from another country, one thing they might desire is for that parent to be able to live and work here in America.

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