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Drug arrests often stem from something else

You don't have to be using drugs in public or selling them to an undercover police officer to be arrested for a drug offense. In fact, many drug arrests are made as a result of another illegal offense which could be completed unrelated.

For instance, recently a Florida man was arrested for possession and intent to sell after police showed up at his house to investigate claims of assault made by the man's roommate.

According to news reports, police were told by the roommate that the two had gotten in a fight; he also revealed that the man had marijuana in their home. The police conducted a "knock and talk," which is a commonly used police tactic to gain some information.

They showed up at the man's home to talk about the assault and allegedly witnessed signs of drug violations when the man opened the door, including the smell of marijuana and seeing some in plain sight. The man also allegedly consented to a search of his home, which uncovered 238 grams of marijuana. He was arrested and is now facing serious charges.

Questions about this situation could certainly be raised. For instance, was the exchange at the man's home coercive? Was the search unlawful? Is there any reason to believe the drugs did not belong to the man, but to his roommate?

This type of situation is not unusual, so it is crucial for Florida residents to be aware of it. Police can show up at your home to talk about one possible offense only to find evidence of another. Knock and talks and consensual searches are very effective ways for police to conduct searches without warrants, but you still have rights in these situations.

If you have been approached by police and asked to answer questions or if you've been arrested for a drug crime based on a warrantless search, you would be wise to consult an attorney as soon as possible. Failure to do so could lead to some serious mistakes and potential rights violations that put your future and freedom in jeopardy.

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