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What things can lead to an increased DUI fine in Florida?

What are the consequences of being convicted of DUI here in Florida? The answer is not the same for all situations. One reason for this is that what particular legal penalties a person could face in relation to a DUI can vary based on the specifics of their case.

Take how much in fines a person would be facing, for instance. The fine range for a standard first offense of DUI in Florida is $500 to $1000. Now, there are certain things that would bring the fine range a person convicted of DUI in the state would face to a higher level than this. Among these things are:

  • The person having previous DUIs on their record.
  • The person having had a minor in their car at the time of the DUI offense.
  • The person having had a blood alcohol level at or exceeding 0.15.

How big the increase in fine range is depends on which of the fine-increasing circumstances is present. As a note, having both a prior DUI record and one of the other two above-mentioned fine-increasing factors present can lead to a particularly large fine range boost.

As this illustrates, there are some circumstances that can make facing DUI charges an even more serious matter than it already is. A clear understanding of what impacts their particular circumstances and the specifics of the allegations leveled against them would have on what consequences they would face in the event they are convicted can be a very important thing for a person to have when going though criminal proceedings related to Florida DUI allegations. This is among the major pieces of information that skilled DUI defense attorneys can help DUI suspects with.

Source: Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, “Florida DUI and Administrative Suspension Laws,” Accessed Dec. 22, 2016

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