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U.S. puts visa sanctions on four countries

Individuals who are seeking a U.S. visa can sometimes encounter barriers to getting the visa they desire. In some instances, they might encounter visa restrictions based on what country they are from. Sometimes, the U.S. will opt to put visa sanctions on a given country. The U.S. recently took such action when it comes to four countries.

The countries in question are Eritrea, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Cambodia. Last week, the U.S. Department of State put visa restriction policies in place regarding these countries. According to the federal government, the policies were instituted in response to delays/refusals by these countries when it comes to the taking back of their nationals that the U.S. is seeking to deport.

Current court case asks how reliable BAC tests are

When police pulled you over on suspicion of drunk driving, they likely put you through a series of tests to justify placing you under arrest. Maybe it was dark, and the road was uneven or poorly lit as you went through the field sobriety tests. You may have performed the tests adequately for conditions, but the officer arrested you nonetheless, and you found yourself at the police station having your blood drawn to test its alcohol concentration.

Of course, the results showed that your BAC was over the legal limit. From that moment, you may have decided you had no chance in court. You may even consider pleading guilty and getting the process over with. Did it ever occur to you that the results of your BAC test may be wrong?

Should college students be required to take opioid education classes?

States throughout the country have been trying to figure out how to best respond to the opioid crisis. They have varied in their approach. One state has included efforts to make opioid-related classes part of college students’ education in its overall approach to the crisis.

The state in question is Maryland. It passed a law which makes it so, at all colleges in that state that receive state money, full-time students have to receive education on the dangers of opioids.

Tantos tipos de visas: ¿Cómo saber cuál necesita?

En nombre de La Lei Oficial de Cheyenne Whitfield, P.A. publicado en blog el sábado 19 de agosto de 2017.

Si usted escoge Florida como el lugar donde desea vivir como un inmigrante que llega de otro país de origen, no está solo. De hecho, este estado es una ubicación deseada, incluso para muchas personas que nacen y crecen en los Estados Unidos. Su belleza, vistas oceánicas, verano-como el tiempo durante todo el año y muchas otras características son atributos positivos que atraen a cientos de miles de turistas y residentes a tiempo completo de modo idéntico.

DACA coming to an end

Among the changes that sometimes occur in U.S. immigration law and policy is the ending of an immigration program. When a program is being brought to an end, there are many concerns individuals who received immigration benefits under the program may have. They may be worried about what the change will mean for their future. They also may have many questions regarding what they can do to try to further their immigration goals in the wake of the program ending. Such individuals may find bringing their concerns and questions to a skilled immigration attorney helpful.

This week, news came out of the ending of an immigration program. The program is the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

Facing accusations of a repeat offense of battery

Being accused of a repeat offense of a violent crime can raise some special issues as compared to facing accusations of a first offense. One crime for which this is the case here in Florida is battery. The stakes can be raised significantly for those accused of battery when they have a previous battery conviction on their record. This can be a very important thing to take into account when responding to charges of a repeat offense of this crime. Skilled defense attorneys can provide individuals accused of a repeat offense of battery with defense guidance which takes into account the special stakes and issues connected to facing such accusations.

Why is facing a repeat charge of battery such a serious matter? One reason comes from differences in how Florida law treats repeat battery offenses as compared to first offenses.

Children of immigrant families and deportation fears

Deportation-related fears can run strong among many members of an immigrant family. This includes the children of such families, even if the children themselves are U.S. citizens. Undocumented kids and other non-citizen children might worry that they and their family could be deported. Children who are U.S. citizens but who have undocumented parents or other undocumented relatives may worry that a family member might get deported.

An artist recently put out a book aimed at helping children cope with and discuss deportation-related fears they have. The book is a comic and activity book. It is called "Rosita Gets Scared." The book is a fictional story focused on an undocumented immigrant girl. The story goes over the fears the girl has related to deportation and what she does to deal with them.

So many types of visas: How to know which one you need

If you chose Florida as the place you wish to live as an immigrant arriving from another country of origin, you are not alone. In fact, this state is a desired location even for many people who are born and raised in the United States. Its beauty, oceanic views, summer-like weather year round and many other features are positive attributes that attract hundreds of thousands of tourists and full-time residents alike.

If you're an immigrant, you undoubtedly already realize you can't simply jump the gun and show up in Florida one day to live. However, there are many people who do arrive here under less-than-stellar circumstances, some without any legal documentation whatsoever. To avoid such problems, it's best to seek knowledge and information regarding the various types of visas that exist and how to determine which one offers the most viable option to help you achieve your goals.

Blowing over 0.08 doesn’t mean you can’t fight a DUI charge

Being accused of DUI can be incredibly intimidating. All sorts of fears regarding their future can come up for a person when facing such allegations. When faced with such a daunting situation, among the worries a person might have is that they might be a lock for being convicted.

When a person is facing DUI charges in Florida, it can be very important for them to have an accurate understanding of what options they have available, given their circumstances, for fighting the charges. Just assuming that they have no realistic routes for fighting the charges could lead to a person accepting a plea deal when doing so might not be in their best interests and when other options may be available. Skilled attorneys can provide individuals accused of DUI with explanations of what particular options they have related to fighting the charges brought against them.

The benefits of being a green card holder

There are many different reasons why a person might want to pursue a U.S. green card. One thing behind this is that there are a wide range of benefits of becoming a permanent resident of the United States. These benefits cover a number of areas.

For one, getting a green card can greatly open up the options a person from another country has in America. Being granted legal permanent resident status gives a person authorization to live, work and freely travel in the United States.

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