Defending Juveniles Against Criminal Charges

Florida's juvenile justice process is dramatically different from the adult court system. If you are a juvenile who has been accused of a crime or you are the parent of a juvenile who has been charged with a crime, it is imperative that you choose a lawyer who understands the nuances of this process and can guide you through it with care.

At The Law Office of Cheyenne Whitfield, P.A., we have knowledge of all phases of the juvenile justice process. We can protect a juvenile's rights in a detention risk assessment instrument (DRAI) and other procedures, pursuing a diversion program or referral to juvenile detention alternatives initiative (JDAI) when appropriate. Our goal is to keep the case out of adult court, keep the juvenile out of a residential facility and prevent the charges from interfering with the juvenile's educational opportunities, career options and future.

Defense Against Any Juvenile Crime

From our law office in Brandon, we defend juveniles against criminal charges in the Tampa Bay area and the surrounding parts of Florida. These charges include:

  • Drunk driving
  • Underage drinking
  • Minor in possession (MIP) of alcohol
  • Marijuana possession and other drug charges
  • Shoplifting and other theft charges
  • Vandalism and other property crimes

Juvenile Defense Consultation

Juveniles: Let a knowledgeable attorney protect your rights.

Parents: This is no time for tough love. The consequences of a juvenile charge can be insurmountable. Young people make mistakes, and it is important not to let those mistakes haunt a person for the rest of his or her life.

We encourage you to call us to discuss any juvenile offense at 813-314-7231. You can also reach us by email. We are available 24/7. You can expect a prompt response.