Your Advocates In The Criminal Justice System

The criminal justice system can be frightening. Sometimes it seems as though its sole purpose is not justice at all, but to arrest people, obtain convictions and issue punishments.

If you have been accused of a crime, it is important to remember that you are innocent until proven guilty. However, you may need an advocate to help you preserve your innocence and prevent you from getting chewed up by the system.

At The Law Office of Cheyenne Whitfield, P.A., we are your advocates in the criminal justice system. We will make certain that your rights were not violated by police. If they were, we will seek to have evidence thrown out or have your case dismissed. We will hold prosecutors to their burden of proving that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. We will not make their job easy. We will carefully investigate the allegations against you, looking for flaws in the evidence and pursuing every opportunity to win your case and keep your record clean.

Criminal Defense You Can Count On

From our law office in Brandon, we defend people against criminal charges in the Tampa Bay area and the surrounding parts of Florida. Our attorney can defend you against:

  • Drunk driving charges, as well as related matters like driver's license suspension
  • Drug charges, including cases involving marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines and prescription drugs
  • Theft charges, including shoplifting, burglary, robbery and theft by fraud such as check fraud or credit card fraud
  • Assault charges and other violent crimes
  • Domestic violence cases involving assault, harassment, stalking or other crimes

We represent adults as well as juveniles charged with crimes. We also defend immigrants facing the threat of deportation due to criminal charges.

We also assist with post conviction matters such as probation violations and expungement.

Criminal Defense Consultation

Accused of a misdemeanor or another criminal offense? Get a dedicated lawyer on your side as soon as possible. We encourage you to call us at 813-314-7231. You can also reach us by email. We are available 24/7. You can expect a prompt response.