Detail-Oriented Contract Law Advocacy

Contracts are often written in a way that makes them difficult to fully understand, with dense legal language and convoluted phrasing. To simplify the process and to ensure that the terms of a contract are thoroughly transparent, turn to our attorney at The Law Office of Cheyenne Whitfield, P.A.

From our office in Brandon, we provide comprehensive contract law services to small, medium and large businesses throughout the Tampa Bay area. As a business ourselves, we understand the impact that any type of contract issues may have on revenue and future growth potential.

Attorney Cheyenne Whitfield is committed to helping clients with all aspects of contract matters, including:

  • Creation: Consulting with us regarding your needs is the first step in the contract composition process. We can then determine what type of contract is best suited to your situation and construct it to protect your business.
  • Review: We take our time reviewing all of the details of your contract to ensure that it is in your best interests. Our firm can also explain the contract so you know exactly what you are signing.
  • Negotiation: If a contract has been presented to a party and the terms are not agreeable, there may be room for negotiation. We represent businesses on either side of the negotiating table.
  • Litigation: When a contract has been breached or otherwise violated, action may be needed. Our firm handles all the steps in the contract litigation process, from cease and desist letters to arguing the case in court.

Take The First Step In Protecting Your Business

For additional information or insight into how our experienced lawyer handles contracts, get in touch with our Florida firm today. Call our office at 813-314-7231 or contact us through email. We respond promptly to inquiries and are available 24/7.